5 years, 14 offices,
11.500 workplaces

Delivering a flexible, engaging and modern workplace, 
while cutting costs and optimizing the way space is used.

Rabobank is our oldest client. The organization believes that we as a global society can achieve great things by co-operating with each other. The bank is dedicated to creating a better place to work and realise the ambitions of their customers.

"12CU delivers the results we need, they are approachable which is pleasant"

René van Willigen – Business Consultant Facilities

The need

As an organization, Rabobank faces a dynamic flow of visitors from numerous different sectors and organizations on a daily basis. To create structure and gain insight into building occupancy, a flexible and dependable system was needed. 

Our solution

After a pilot, Rabobank recognized the benefits our software had to offer compared to counting manually. After several meetings, we translated the 12CU Big Data to a Rabobank spreadsheet to fit the organization’s needs. Currently,  Rabobank receives the 12CU data in a database. The results are summarized in our dashboard on a weekly basis.

Rather than creating heat maps, we showed data based on organizational structure and profiles. Not only did this fit Rabobank’s needs, we firmly believe it offers more useful insight into building utilization. Through the time we spent developing software for Rabobank we finalized the standard software we offer today.

12CU SmartSpaces solution
for the Enterprise market

Occupancy and retention insight real-time (98%) working on existing WiFi technology within the buildings

Cost saving on housing, cleaning and energy of up to 30%

Security in several areas in the buildings based on registered devices connected to the WiFi.

Prediction on maintenance of furniture, carpets etc.

‘Search and find’ colleagues in buildings with substantial amounts of employees

Optimization of workplaces and improvement of employee satisfaction

Traffic insight inside the buildings: where people are in the building, how many, first aid assistance etc.

Improved sustainability in terms of energy. Consumption linked to utilisation.

Ready to make your space smart?

Save 30% of your
annual workplace costs

Simply put: your saving potential comes down to a reduced need for square meters.
There are three practical outcomes:

More people fit in one office location.

This allows you to sign fewer lease agreements or buy fewer buildings.


More people fit in one office.

So business expansion can be postponed.


More people fit on fewer floors.

You could do it with a smaller lease agreement.

Estimate the yearly costs you could potentially
save with our SmartSpace solution.

Based on 1000 employees and a flex ratio of 0.8, 
when improving the occupancy rate from 50% to 70%, 
a saving of € 1,800,000 per year is achieved.

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