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Inholland is a university of applied sciences with education for students and professionals and practice-oriented research for professional practice. Inholland has 12 buildings spread across the Randstad conurbation and offers a total of 76 courses within a wide range from healthcare to economics and from technology to education. Inholland has almost 28,000 students.

"With these insights, our building becomes a framework within which we can act."

Nanette Balkema – Service Manager Inholland InHolland Hogeschool

The need

The need

When a building was renovated a few years ago, the employees of the Alkmaar location set to work with fresh courage. It soon became apparent that the new room layout was not working as well as expected. There was a constant shortage of places for teachers and students. Nanette Balkema, Service Manager Inholland at this location, walked through the building at the time and saw empty spaces everywhere. “Clearly something went wrong here” Nanette recalls. “I had a zero measurement performed to measure the occupancy and utilization of our spaces. The results allowed us to have a conversation about how we use spaces at our location. We saw, among other things, that the edges of the day were not used well. And we saw that reserved spaces were not always used. At the same time, students and their project groups were desperately searching for an empty space. Apparently we were unable to give students access to study places in a good way. Very frustrating for all parties!”


Our solution

The Smart Campus application gives Nanette insight into the current and historical occupation of buildings, building parts and floors. With this pilot, she can also see the occupancy per domain, study program and academic year and receive reports of occupancy rates per day, week and month. “This provides insights for scheduling lessons” . With these insights, our building becomes a framework within which we can act. It would be great when in the future all students and teachers of this location could use this app to see where there is room for their activities in realtime. In that way we can all collaborate towards making the most of our beautiful building. 12CU uses WiFi data which saved a lot of hassle in our building; installing any kind of hardware was not necessary.”

12CU SmartSpaces results

“Smart Campus gives us many insights and allows us to plan and schedule smarter. There are much more possibilities with the collected data. For example, is there a correlation between the number of students present during a test and the results? 
We can learn a lot from this data. It is not without reason that I involved an educationalist in this pilot. With the data we can improve our education. At the location in Delft, the pilot goes one step further: the process is refined in such a way that the utilization of the building becomes clear. I think it is a real revelation that apparently cumbersome data can be of so much significance for the quality of education.”

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