Dashboard + app for the '1.5m-school' & post-Covid education

Count people with existing data and display this information in
the 2Count dashboard + app to guarantee quality, well-being & safety by
preventive or last-minute maintaining in (unforeseen) crowds

The new normal

Educational institutions currently have little to no insight into how students, staff and visitors behave on campus. Educational institutions will, however, resume activities within its buildings in phases and in a controlled manner. In order to facilitate safe and preserving quality, insight into the use of buildings is therefore necessary

"12CU shows itself as decisive, short communication lines and a good understanding of things"

Rens van der Vorst  – Head of IT Innovation

Based on WiFi

Based on the existing WiFi network, anonymized & GDPR-proof data is collected. Devices that are not actively connected to the WiFi network are nevertheless detected and included in the analysis and visualization for the required insights.

Dashboard & app

With the ‘2Count Dashboard & App’, 12CU offers insight into the number of employees, students and / or visitors who are in buildings and per floor. It is also made clear how many square meters they have at their disposal. This information can be checked, regulated and responded to during busy periods by various stakeholders such as: ER, security, students, management.

Anonymous & GDPR proof

Real-time and historical

Implementable on current WiFi network

98% accurate to reality

Unique on the market: group information

Implementation time: 1 week

In the cloud or on-premise

dhistory dashboard
Enterprise dashboard

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